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Name : Kapiteyn
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Tehran Saee Gol is the exclusive representative of Kapiteyn in Iran and we are committed to provide high quality flowerbulbs and state-of-the-art technologies for our clients.  

With a rich history of some 115 years, Kapiteyn is among the most renowned Dutch companies specialised in the cultivation, breeding and sales of flower bulbs. With the third generation at the helm and the fifth generation approaching, the family-run company is still expanding with great care and hard work.

Since we like to be at the forefront of new developments, we have been engaged for the past 30 years in propagating all kinds of crops in order to offer an exclusive assortment to Growers, Breeders and Retailers.

Kapiteyn is the Captain in Calla. All the varieties from the Kapiteyn Nursery start with the name Captain. Captain Calla has now become a well-known brand among Callas worldwide.

Through Remarkable we have been engaged in the propagation, cultivation, exploitation and marketing of new Tulips since 1996. Major varieties such as Milkshake and Dutch Design come from our Nursery.

Since 1987, we have been developing the most magnificent Hyacinths together with Fa. P.A. de Groot and Rooijakkers Breezand. Our relationships focus on cultivation, efficiency and forcing possibilities. It is always a wonderful challenge, particularly with the yellow, orange and red varieties. Of course the basic values such as sturdy stems are never subordinate here.

Through a strong partnership with 14 Growers, Marklily has more than proven itself with major varieties such as Robina, Marlon, Evelyne and Indian Summerset. Each and every variety has been successful in production as well as trade.

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