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Name : Beeztees
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Tehran Saee Gol is the exclusive representitive of Beeztees pet accessories in Iran. Beeztees, a brand that is specialized in everything you can imagine for your pet. We offer accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish. From dog toys to rabbit hutches and from scratching posts to bird houses. We are exactly as our name suggests: a little bit weird, but very nice!

It is our mission to make the lives of pets and their owners as nice and pleasant as possible. We are actively working to realize these objectives, every day again, with a smile. With a team of approximately 95 enthusiastic employees we are continuously trying to invent, design, plan and sell. Consequently we have succeeded in selling our products for more than 45 years, all over the world. In fact we are quite proud of our achievements and success.

In addition to having a pleasant life we consider a healthy and safe life equally important. Therefore all our products are thoroughly tested. We design and develop many of our products ourselves, to make sure that they are safe and reliable (otherwise it would be less fun to use them!). Even better: We renew our product range every year with more than 1,000 new items; cool to have and fun to use

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